How Parents Can be Mentally Tough

Between the 75th – 90th minutes are when most goals are scored (75-90th minutegoal production). Also, towards the end of games our bodies fatigue. We lose concentration and are more prone to injury and mistakes (injury rates increase as fatigue increases). 

Being extremely fit requires mental toughness to push through pain and discomfort. Having mental toughness gives a player the potential to have an advantage late in games.

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How To Watch Your Kids Game

When we teach our kids a team sport – there are really TWO LESSONS happening. There is the sport – and then there are the deeper, truer, lessons. Lessons like how to be part of a team – how to win with class and lose with grace – how to show up, take risks, fall down, get back up, and how to treat friends and adversaries. 

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Parent Education

Here you will find articles and tips that focus on how to deal with certain situations that may arise with parents, or articles you would like to share with your parents so they better understand their role.  Our goal is to create the right environment for players to develop, and it all starts with parent education.