Seeking Finance Manager

LMVSC Finance Manager

Position Requirements:   Must be flexible and able to handle multiple responsibilities. Individual needs to be well organized, customer facing, a self-starter and computer savvy. College degree strongly preferred. Previous related experience preferred but not required. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. Can work from home as necessary as mutually agreed to by Executive Director. Required to attend in person staff meetings as scheduled or as mutually agreed to by Executive Director

Reports to: Executive Director.

Status: Part-time Position, Work load is seasonal.  Some months requires more hours worked than others. 

Administrative Salary: $25,000

Applications:  Submit a cover letter and resume by Friday September 23, 2016.  All materials should be submitted to Lula Bauer at  References should be provided upon request. 


Description of Position:

  • Configure and implement Programs in the Group Net Solution system and as requested by Executive Director.
  • Enter/monitor all player registrations into player database, Group Net Solutions, on a daily basis.
    • Group Net Solution is an online database company.  90% of families enter/register on line.
  • Ensure all registered players are registered in correct program and have payment or are set up on a payment plan so that proper billing occurs. This will require working with the Executive Director.
  • Direct contact with all players that register.  Done by mass-email functionality
  • Pull player passes when directed by Executive Director for non-payment of fees and work with coaching staff to implement such action.
  • Manage all players/eligibility in Group Net Solutions as directed.  This includes player releases, not good standing lists etc, which will require coordination with Executive Director.
  • Generate monthly reports and meet with Executive Director as requested.
  • Maintain records of recurring billing contractors
  • Processes monthly checks pertaining to the operations of the Club
  • Collect and direct correspondence from the Club’s PO Box.


  • Answer general club info emails as necessary, relating to accounts payables and receivables.  
  • Responsible to route calls/inquiries/emails to appropriate channels and follow up with said channel to ensure all communication has been completed, resolved and documented in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with recurring billing contractors.


  • Validate player charges in Group Net Solutions. This position will need to ensure that the parent has entered the proper program/age/Financial Assistants/etc. when registering.
  • Work with staff to ensure that we pull player pass and notify coach if delinquent balance is not paid in 15 days.
  • Process check requests if needed with regard to refunds and charges pertaining to the system.  
  • Implement and oversee Recurring payments