October 26, 2015
Thanks to all the coaches that were able to attend last night’s meeting.  For those of you who weren’t able to make it, please contact me if you need a copy of the slides and game report forms.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the topics discussed.
1- The Modern Coach:  Coaches are now asked to do more than running training sessions.  We must be able to manage every single aspect of the team, including administrative tasks.
2- Game Report: To allow the Technical Staff to be informed of everything going on with every team, every Head Coach must fill out a game report after every game for every team coached.  This will enable us to evaluate and help you with every aspect of your team.  All Reports must be submitted no later than 10:00 am the following morning of the game.
3- Club Sportal:  The club has spent significant resources to provide this great service for our coaches.  We are doing our best to align activities that fit with our curriculum.  Please make sure you have access to this and are checking in to discover new activities and exercises to add to your portfolio.
4- Team Webpages:  As the season winds down, players from other clubs will start looking for options.  It is important that all our webpages are updated with the correct contact information.  We ask that you use the U18 Girls page as a template for your website.  Deadline to update the pages: Friday, November 6th.
5- College Process: The club is extremely excited and proud to introduce an amazing opportunity to better help our players achieve their goals of playing at the next level.  There will be a presentation for HS Age Groups to go over this great program in detail.  Coaches and teams will be receiving information in the coming days regarding the meeting.

October 1, 2015

Hi Coaches,

I hope all is well with you. Please read the entire email below, if you have any questions please let me know.
-We MUST always use sandbags on all practice goals we use for our training sessions (Movable goals at Edison Lower/ Lee District Park/Manchester Lakes). If you see a fellow coach forget to use them please make sure you give them a reminder since this is a policy we must all follow going forward.
-We can start leaving all sandbags outside on the big goals instead of putting them inside the orange boxes, this way they are on easily accessible and on both sides of the field.
-If you are using one of the movable goals please make sure you watch your positioning on the field during your session. We need to make sure we are always facing and able to see all goals we are using so we dont have kids jumping and holding on the crossbars.
Club Sportal Feedback
I hope you have taken your time to check out Club Sportal and some of the sessions available for you. We are adding sessions up there on the weekly bases so you have a big enough library for you to use and tweak. I would love to hear your feedback or if there is anything you want to see added.
Please make sure you are  following the LMVSC Curriculum (its on the "curriculum" tab at Club Sportal for you to review)as much as you can, especially if you are coaching the younger age groups (golden years!). We are hoping to see all the younger patriots more confident on the ball running at players and having a cleaner first touch/passing as the year progresses during the weekend games. 
Check the Field duties
Reminder to please check the field duties  on the weekends on our website so you are aware if your team has "set up" and "take down" so you can plan accordingly. 
1)Go to 
2)click on "Coaches" tab 
3)Click on "travel soccer Coaches" tab
LMVSC Emails
Head Coaches please make sure you are using your emails, we are no longer emailing your personal email accounts so please make it a habit to check it daily. 
Patriot Spotlight
If any of your players is doing something great outside of the soccer field (school/ community/ ect)  OR on the soccer field please let us know. The technical staff is putting together a monthly newsletter for all the travel families and one of the sections we will focus on recognizing one of our Patriots.  Please keep an eye for our first newsletter soon!

September 17, 2015

I hope you are having a great week and ready for another round of games.  A couple of weeks into the season, and as expected, we have performed well in many areas. But, there is always room for improvement.   


As you know, being a coach isn’t just what is done on the field.  The role goes far beyond the painted lines.  It is critical that as a coach, equal time is given to the other side of the "coaching". As much time as you spend planning a session or preparing a game day plan, the same amount of time has to be spent, communicating with your parents. I cannot express how critical it is to maintain a good team environment and communication is key. Remember, without the support of parents and player's commitment, a team cannot function productively.


One of the biggest issues the Club has faced this season, especially for coaches with multiple teams in different leagues, has been coaching coverage.  This itself isn’t a huge issue. However, could become a huge issue, if the communication piece in a timely manner is missing. Parents and players first and foremost want to know what to expect and know how to plan.  Even though a game is covered by another coach, if that isn't communicate that to the parents, it will cause upset, no matter how qualified the replacement coach is. Especially in the younger age group. Children thrive on consistency.    

With this being said, here are a few suggestions I would like to pass along to help ensure the LMVSC coaching staff is on the same page.  As I said, parents plan for games weeks in advance, and any change can affect, not only the child playing, but everybody else's schedule in that family.  Let's be cognizant and sensitive of this and try and do our part to make sure the team dynamics are meeting a high standard.



- Set the expectation from the beginning; if you communicate with parents the possibility that you might not be able to attend some games due to conflicts at the beginning of the season, they will be more prepared when it does happen.

- Get into the habit of sending weekly emails with all the game information, including who the main coach will be for that weeks' game.

- If there is someone else covering, make sure you inform all parents in a separate email explaining the situation.  While some parents might be upset that “their” coach isn’t there, it is better than surprising them on the field and will give them time to digest the situation.


Parents are very reasonable and understanding as long as you communicate with them.  They are aware of the challenges of travel soccer and the one thing we can control, is our means of communication.


Using the above mentioned suggestions in a game conflict situation, will present a lot of upset parents.


Thank you for your attention. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


​Field Duties​

The club did a very good job on putting all the field duties for the weekend games online for all club officials  to see for field set up and take down for the weekend games. It also contains information and goal/boxes #codes for all the fields. 

Club emails

​If you were given club emails ( please make sure you check your emails daily there since club emails will be sent there and we don't want you to miss any important information.​


​ ​I know many kids and parents are very worried with US Soccer's recent announcement. The Club ask that you allow the Club and the Technical Staff to keep families updated. Simply state, the Club and it's Technical staff is working with other agency for guidance as we transition. As the Club stated, we will keep the players and families updates every step of the way.