The most important part of youth soccer isn’t winning or learning to play like Lionel Messi or Alex Morgan. But rather, to ensure that the players have fun, grow and develop in a safe & healthy soccer environment.

One may ask, what does a safe/healthy soccer environment look like? This includes (but not limited too), ensuring that the field is properly set up, big goals are stable, no sharp or protruding objects are on the field, coaches supporting and helping guide their players, just to name a few.

Parents, guardian, supporters can also help by staying off the soccer field during practice and/or game.


The soccer field is where the young players interact with their teammates, coaches and grow through experiential learning. When parents step on the field to ask a “simple” question to the coach during a practice session or game, coach their kids (or other kids) during practice/games, or decide to have a “kick around” during a water break, for example, this disrupts the players and ultimately the team.

This then has a negative effect on the coach’s ability to teach effectively. It creates an issue for other players by affecting their focus/level of concentration, and also, have has a negative impact on the club.

We appreciate and encourage all parents to continue to support their kids. We want to ensure that all your/our efforts in providing them with an opportunity to learn new skills through soccer, experience life lesson/s and make lifelong friends, earn dividends, in the long run. Please help us by helping create a safe and healthy soccer environment for our players.


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