LMVSC’s New Initiative: PATO

PATO Patriots Academy Training Opportunity

In the efforts of continued player development practices, we have established a new initiative to benefit our membership. It’s called PATO (Patriots Academy Training Opportunity). As a club, we believe it is important to adapt an “open door” approach to teams. We want to encourage our players to work hard and reward them for their efforts.

During the fall season, recommended players from each travel team will be granted opportunities to train and play matches with either a higher-level team within their age group, or an older team in the age groups above.

Our coaches (and/or Directors of Coaching) will be using the following criteria for player recommendations:

(A)   Outstanding & consistent performances in practice & games

(B)   Hard work & positive attitude

(C)   Leadership qualities

(D)   Discipline

This initiative is designed to provide added motivation to all our players, and increased challenges to those players that meet the aforementioned criteria.

We are proud to announce that we will be communicating even more player development and player incentive initiatives in the near future.


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