The Distance Learning Center has been created and added to the LMVSC Website, with content and resources for players, parents, and coaches, relating to the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the player development process.

This new part of our website is currently being updated w ith new content on a weekly basis. Our latest update has been the addition of a new section called the Virtual Session Series, where we will be providing live training and educational sessions each week, with content from our own technical staff, as well as from special guest presenters.

Our aim is to deliver fresh, live content every day of the week. This will be supplemental to our twice-per-week team sessions that have been ongoing with each team and their respective coaching staff.

This is yet another resource for our members, as part of our ongoing efforts to keep our soccer community engaged and further the development of our players during these uniquely challenging times.

LMVSC’s goal is to continue to lead the way in delivering the highest quality distance learning experience, while constantly innovating new methods to reach and connect with our players as we move forward.

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