Incumbent Player Renewal Option

Due to our fields being closed, and the physical distancing measures that are currently in place, we are unable to hold traditional tryouts as we would normally be conducting around this time of year.  

In lieu of our usual tryout process, we will be instituting an Incumbent Player Renewal Option. All of our current players will be offered a position within their Age Group Academy for the upcoming 2020-21 Soccer Year.  For all players that are not currently on a LMVSC Travel Soccer Team, we will be offering a Virtual Tryout option (see section 2)

In conjunction, we are introducing a new Academy System format for all our Travel Soccer players in the U9-U15 Age Groups (see section 3), where all players and coaches within the age group will be training and working together as one team with various squads, led by an Academy Head Coach.  

This will allow for mobility and appropriate player placement throughout the year in order to create a competitive and optimal player development environment.  In other words, players will be continually assessed throughout the year and placed on the team that is best suited to find the best balance for each player in regards to creating a competitive environment while enabling the player to build confidence with the ability to meaningfully contribute to match demands.  

For players in the U16-U19 Age Groups, there will be an assessment period when physical distancing measures are lifted, and it is safe to return to play, so each player can be appropriately placed according to their level of ability.

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