How to Become a Youth Soccer Referee in Virginia

Basic info

  • Minimum age to referee = 13
  • Maximum age = any – as long as you can run with 11–19-year-olds
  • On-line training takes about 6 hours for those under 18 years old
  • Add 90 minutes if you are 18 or older (more background check steps)
  • In-person training at a soccer field is 4 hours


  • $85 to certify
  • About $70-$80 for a basic uniform, black shoes, wrist watch with timer,
    cards, flags, and a quality whistle (the starter kit pea-whistles are too


  • Start by going to this website: and read
    EVERYTHING you see. The instructions lead you step-by-step to create
    an account, register for the online portion of the certification class, pay
    for it, do the online training, and take the 100-question test. Follow all of
    the instructions exactly!
  • Next, go to this website to look for an in-person field session:
  • Select “Entry – Never been a USSF Referee before” from
    the pulldown menu on the left. Look for a Field Training Session that
    fits your schedule and location and click “Register.”
  • Saturday February 10 at Witter Field (off Duke St near Bishop Ireton) from 9am-1pm:
    • New referee clinic – must have registered for the new referee course and completed the online lessons first

We need more referees!

Please contact any of the below if you have any questions.

Stuart Vickery,, Referee assignor
Linda Moschelle,, Referee mentor
Kelly Houlgate,, Referee instructor/mentor

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