Playing basketball with neighborhood friends and classmates

Recreational Basketball


Registration Deadline December 15th, 2020!

Practices start on January 4th while games for 1st-12th graders start on January 16th.

LMVSC Recreational Basketball focuses on providing players with the opportunity to develop their basketball skills in a friendly, competitive environment.  In accordance with that goal, teams are created generally based upon where players live, go to school, or have developed other community ties.  Our focus is on individual development and the enjoyment of the game, rather than winning. We believe it is important for our players, parents and coaches to embrace this philosophy as it is an important foundation of LMVSC.

During the Winter season, teams practice once per week in a county-provided gym.  Although there may be an occasional Sunday game, games are generally played on Saturday.  During the Summer season, teams will have one practice before games begin.  Games will be played on weeknights.  Teams should expect to play once or twice per week.

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