Basketball Game Day Protocols

In order for teams to play games, teams must comply with the following.  Failure to comply with State and County guidelines could lead to LMVSC losing its use of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) gyms.  As a result, we require 100% compliance with LMVSC COVID Protocols; teams not adhering to LMVSC COVID procedures will lose their opportunity to play.  Sanitizer can be found in Team Bag provided by the Club.

Pre-Game Procedures

  • At least one COVID Parent must be present at games.
  • The only persons permitted to attend games are the players, coaches, referees, timekeeper, scorekeeper, team videographers, COVID Parents, the game’s Volunteer Building Director (VBD), LMVSC Officials, and registered Spectators.
  • Players, coaches, timekeepers/scorekeepers, VBDs and registered spectators from prior game must exit the gym before players, coaches and others associated with next game may enter.  You must wait in your car until directed by your COVID Parent to enter.  You may not wait outside the doors of the gym.
  • COVID Parent(s) for the next game may enter the gym at the end of the prior game.  They will monitor the gym to ensure all players, coaches and associated people from prior game have exited the gym.  Once all from the prior game have exited the game, the COVID Parent will notify their team that they may enter the gym.
  • All players, coaches, associated timekeeper/scorekeepers, COVID Parents, VBD and registered Spectators must be pre-screened before entering gym.  This will be handled by the COVID Parent.  Prior to entering, every person must wash hands with hand sanitizer.
  • Everyone entering and exiting the gym must wear masks and use the designated entrances/exits.  Players are not required to wear masks during warmups or while playing.  However, when sitting on the bench players must wear masks.  Referees are strongly encouraged to wear masks during games.  Every other person in the gym, including Coaches, must wear a mask while in the gym.
  • Each player is permitted to have only one registered Spectator per game.  The Spectator must be registered and pre-screened before entering the gym.  Siblings and other children are not permitted unless that child is the player’s one registered Spectator.  Coaches, timekeepers, scorekeepers, team videographers, COVID Parents, VBDs and LMVSC Officials will not count toward the one Spectator-per-player limit.
  • COVID Parent and/or Coaches must set up bench area.  The bench area should be set up so that players’ chairs are 6′ apart.  Chairs can be staggered in rows to accommodate players.
  • Timekeeper and Scorekeeper table(s) should be 6′ apart from benches.  Timekeeper and Scorekeeper should sit 6′ apart.
  • It is recommended that players be assigned chairs.  Players’ bags/water must be placed with their chairs.  Players must bring water to game.  No sharing of water or equipment other than basketballs as instructed by Coaches.  Water fountains should not be used.
  • Spectators needing to sit during the game must bring their own chairs.  Spectators are prohibited from taking a chair from the bench area nor may they go to other areas of the school to locate a chair.
  • There will be no scorebooks this season.  Each clock will have scoring sheets.  At the end of the game, the scorekeeper or coach will send a screenshot of the scoresheet to
  • The COVID Parent will sit at the table at the gym entrance to monitor all those entering the gym.
  • The game basketball must be disinfected by the Coach or COVID Parent.

Game-Time Procedures

  • There will be no jump balls.  Games will start with a coin toss.  The team winning the toss has the first possession of the game.
  • Score will be kept on a scoring sheet.  Scoring sheets are included in clock bag.
  • Players in the game are not required to wear masks.  Players on the bench must wear masks.
  • Players cannot use the water fountains during the game.
  • No high-fives, fist-bumps, elbow-touches, etc.
  • The game basketball must be sanitized/wiped down during every timeout and between quarters.

Post-Game Procedures

  • No handshakes, fist-bumps, elbow-touches, etc.
  • No post-game meetings in the building.
  • Scorekeepers must take picture of scorekeeping sheets and send to
  • Coaches and/or COVID Parents must sanitize equipment and wipe down bench and scorekeeping area.
  • All players, coaches and associated persons must leave the gym immediately after the game.  The only exception to this is the COVID Parent and Coaches helping to wipe down bench and scorekeeping areas.  Once the bench area is cleared,
  • Masks must be worn by everyone, including players, while exiting the gym.

Updated 12/13/2020

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