COVID Basketball Parents

COVID Basketball Parents

General Information:

  • Every team is required to have at least one COVID Parent.
  • COVID Parents must attend our COVID Parent training scheduled for December 29th at 7 p.m.   Additionally, COVID Parents will undergo background checks since they have specified duties requiring interactions with the players.
  • More than one parent on the team can serve as a COVID Parent, but no more than one parent can serve as COVID Parent for any one game or practice.
  • At least one COVID Parent must be present at each practice.  If no COVID Parent is available, the team must cancel practice.
  • COVID Parents on duty during games will not count towards the one spectator per player rule.

COVID Parent Duties:

  • Conduct pre-screening of players and coaches prior to entering gym for practices.
  • Conduct pre-screening of all players, coaches, timekeeper/scorekeepers and associated spectators at games.
  • Squirt each player’s hands with hand sanitizer before and after practices and games.
  • Alert team members when the team is permitted to enter the gym for games.
  • Disinfect bench area after games.
  • Man the entrance table during games and check in all associated players, coaches, timekeeper/scorekeeper, and registered spectators.
  • Ensure that all Club COVID Rules and Procedures are being followed.

Updated 12/13/2020

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