Playing basketball with neighborhood friends and classmates

Winter Basketball Fees

Pre K (Mini Dribblers)

1st Grade (D1)  $150 
2nd Grade (D2)  $150
3rd Grade (C3)  $150
4th Grade (C4)  $150
5th Grade (B5)  $150
6th Grade (B6)  $150
7th/8th Grade (A)  $150
9th-12th Grade (AA/AAA)  $150

Winter Basketball Scholarships

Pre K (Mini Dribblers)

1st Grade (D1)  $40
2nd Grade (D2)  $40
3rd Grade (C3)  $40
4th Grade (C4)  $40
5th Grade (B5)  $40
6th Grade (B6)  $40
7th/8th Grade (A)  $40
9th-12th Grade (AA/AAA)  $40

Summer Basketball Fees


Pre K (Mini Dribblers)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

1st Grade (D1)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

2nd Grade (D2)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

3rd Grade (C3)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

4th Grade (C4)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

5th Grade (B5)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

6th Grade (B6)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees

7th/8th Grade (A)

$90 plus $5.50 In-County Fees


LMVSC is offering two special options for paying the registration fee for the 2020 Summer Recreational Basketball season:

(1) Payment can be deferred until June 24, 2020.

(2) Payment can be made in two installments.  The first payment is due on June 24, 2020, while the second payment is due on July 24, 2020.

Summer Basketball Scholarships

We do not have a formal scholarship program for the summer.  However, LMVSC understands that the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected our families on many levels.

Our priority to is provide a safe environment following Governor Northam’s executive order and do everything possible to move towards a sense of normalcy for our kids.  If the COVID-19 has impacted your player’s ability to play basketball this summer, please indicate on the payment page that you are paying by check.  You must then contact Jessie Gore at to request a fee reduction.  Jessie will discuss with you what additional information may require to document your family’s need.

Important Information


We do not have a formal scholarship program for our summer basketball program.  For the winter basketball season, scholarships are available on request to players that qualify for Fairfax County Free or Reduced-price school lunches and or on Medicaid.

·  Each additional player shall pay $15 plus $5.50 County Fees (or $35.50 for non-residents) per additional child per family.

·  Please select the “Check” payment option when finished with registering in order to apply for the reduced scholarship fee. Please scan the accepted documents and send them via email to Jessie Gore,

·  Once your child has been approved for the reduced scholarship fee, you can log into your account and pay via credit card. All checks and Money Orders must be made out to: “LMVSC” and sent to our club’s mailing address: P.O. Box 10202, Alexandria, VA 22310.



A family fee maximum of $300 for all registrations done at the same time. The $300 does not include the County fees.  The County fee must be paid for each player.

Please note that the LMVSC Recreational Basketball “Family Max” does NOT apply to the LMVSC Instructional Developmental Programs, including Mini-Dribblers or any other Developmental Academy as well as the Travel Program.


Refunds are provided only if your child could not be placed on a team. If your child is injured or is suffering from a long-term illness prior to the beginning of the season, please contact LMVSC’s Executive Director, Lula Bauer, at for any questions regarding refunds.

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