Playing soccer with neighborhood friends and classmates

Registration for Fall 2021 is CLOSED

*Please inquire to your Child’s Age Group Player Director about any possible openings on rosters (contact info listed at the bottom of the page).*

Recreational Soccer

The Lee Mt. Vernon Sports Club (LMVSC) Recreational Soccer program focuses on individual development through a team-based learning environment.  All of the LMVSC volunteer Coaches have been certified to educate players on a fundamental level.  The main objective for every Coach and Player is to put the love of the game before the results.

All teams are built on the basis of neighborhood and grade level. Players from Alexandria, Gunston, and Springfield participate in our LMVSC Recreational Soccer every Fall and Spring. All games are played at our beautiful facilities at Manchester Lakes, Edison High School, Lee District Park, and West Potomac High School. High School age teams may have to play some game in other parts of Fairfax county when playing other clubs.

LMVSC is proud to never turn players away due to finances and offers scholarships.

Fall Registration Now Open!

  • Low cost with no extra uniform fee
  • Practice and play close to home
  • Fun and Competitive environment

Have Questions About Your Child’s Registration?

Please find your child’s age group Player Director’s contact info below:

Girls Soccer

Neil KrizekHigh School
Neil Krizek7th & 8th Grades
Linda Pinkney5th & 6th Grades
James Dahl4th Grade
Michelle Yarmer-Smith3rd Grade
Jemmel Pursoo2nd Grade
Jessie Gore1st Grade

Boys Soccer

Neil KrizekHigh School
Lourdes Talbot7th & 8th Grades
Brent West6th Grade
Carolina Guido-Parada5th Grade
Lourdes Talbot4th Grade
Brent West3rd Grade
Nancy Rios2nd Grade
Jennifer Schroeder1st Grade

Coed Soccer

Kevin PinkneySoccerPre-K (4 Year Old) & Kindergarten (5 Year Old)

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