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The Lee-Mt. Vernon Sports Club sponsors referee training course for new USSF Grade 8 twice a year.  Dates will be announced in June. As usual, the soccer community is in need of new referees, both teenagers and adults, boys and girls, and men and women.   Consider encouraging your friends and family to get certified as referees.  The club has several families where the parent and the teenagers officiate games together and have a great time.  The minimum recommended age for a new referee is 13 years of age.

The new referee certification course consists of:

1) Online training modules – and – 2) Two classes/10 hours.

This will definitely increase your knowledge and understanding of the game as well as provide a service to the Club.

The courses are held in  meeting rooms at the  Mt. Vernon Government Center, 2511 Parkers Lane, Alexandria, VA 22306.  This is next to Mt. Vernon Hospital.  The cost of the course is $70 which can be paid by credit card online.  Registration is conducted online at:

Registration Coming Soon

The dates and times of the referee course will be announced in June

Spring 2018 Certified Referee Compensation fees:

Lee Mount Vernon Recreational Program:

D2 (2nd Graders)  $18.00 Per Game

C Division (3/4 Graders)  $25.00 Per Game

B Division (5/6 Graders)  $33.00 Per Game

A Division (7/8 Graders) $45.00 Per Game Center Referee
$25.00 Assistant Referee Per Game

Crossing Over League Games (U8 Academy) $25.00 Per Game

Old Dominion Soccer League:  Travel Games for LMVSC Travel Teams 

U9/U10 $35.00 Per Game

U11 $35.00 Per Game

U12 $40.00  Per Game – Assistant Referee $20.00 Per Game

U13/14 $45.00 Per Game – Assistant Referee $20.00 Per Game

U15/16 $50.00 Per Game  – Assistant Referee $30.00 Per Game

U17/18 $55.00 Per Game – Assistant Referee $35.00 Per Game

Suburban Friendship League- High School Age LMVSC Teams

U13/14 $45.00 Per Game  – Assistant Referee $25.00 Per Game

U16/17 $50.00 Per Game – Assistant Referee $25.00 Per Game

U18/19 $55.00 Per Game – Assistant Referee $28.00 Per Game

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