5th Grade Girls Team

Head Coach Keith Breland

Coach Email Address:

Assistant Coach: Dori Mankin

The skill level is geared for those looking for a more competitive environment than Rec.

During the winter season, the team will practice twice a week and play close to 20 games during the winter; regular season and tournaments.  The season runs from early October through early March and we will play in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL).

Players are encourage to attend all tryout sessions to ensure all players can be fully assessed.

Number Player Name
23 Siena Asiello
15 Courtney Breland
25 Keira Esanko
10 Avery Forde
14 MJ Haynes
13 Charlotte Henry
30 Liyana Khairzada
1 Kylie Mankin
22 Ella Nguyen
5 Marcella Oboite
11 Kacey Wask


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