Improve basketball skills in a competitive environment

Travel Basketball

LMVSC Travel Basketball is offered to players looking to develop higher level basketball skills in a competitive environment. LMVSC gives players with an advanced skill level the chance to participate in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL).  Participation in travel basketball is limited primarily to the winter season.

The travel program requires a greater time commitment from participants for practices and games.  Teams typically practice twice a week with 1-2 games per week.  Games are generally played at local Fairfax County schools with some games in Arlington and Loudoun County.

Practices start towards the end of October, while games typically start in late November and end in early March.  Open Gyms will start on or after September 11, 2023.  The schedule can be found below once it has been finalized.  Open Gyms are basketball sessions run by our travel coaches prior to tryouts.  During these sessions, the players will run through drills and play in scrimmages as determined by the relevant coaches.  The purpose of Open Gym is to familiarize the players with the coaches and to get the players ready for tryouts.  Tryouts will officially start on or around October 1, 2023.

Prior to attending Open Gym or Tryouts, you must register your player.


Once you register to attend Open Gyms, you will not have to register separately for tryouts.  Attending Open Gym does not obligate your player to attend tryouts.  It is during the Open Gym period that your player may decide whether or not to tryout for the applicable travel team.  If you’d like more information, you can contact Jessie Gore at

Current List of Teams for 2023-2024 Winter Season

5th Grade Boys

Head Coach: Coach Nale

Assistant: TBD

5th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Coach Bordenkecher

Assistant Coach: TBD

6th Grade Boys

Head Coach: Paul Black

Assistant: TBD

6th Grade Girls

Head Coach: Trenton Allen

Assistant: TBD

7th Grade Boys

Head Coach: Matt Davis and Tucker Degenhardtr

Assistant: TBD

8th Grade Boys

Head Coach: James Bosley and Gary Beisner

Assistant(s): TBD

8th Grade Girls

Head Coach: TBD

Assistants: TBD


8th Grade Boys – Open to 7th and 8th Grade Boys (Coaches James Bosley and Gary Beisner)

Mondays – Twain-2, 7:30

Thursdays – Rose hill, 7:30



7th Grade Boys – Open to 6th and 7th Grade Boys (Coaches Matt Davis and Tucker Degenhardtr)

Friday – Twain-2, 7:30

Second session, TBD



6th Grade Girls – Open to 5th and 6th Grade Boys (Coach Trenton Allen)

Fridays – Bush Hill, 6:00



6th Grade Boys – Open to 5th and 6th Grade Boys (Coach Paul Black)

Tuesdays – Bush Hill, 6:00



5th Grade Girls – Open to 4th and 5th Grade Girls (Coach Bordenkecher)

Wednesdays – Bush Hill, 6:00



5th Grade Boys – Open to 4th and 5th Grade Boys (Coach Nale)

Mondays – Bush Hill, 6:00

Thursdays – Rose Hill, 6:00


No one should attend Open Gym or Tryouts unless he or she has registered.  Once a player has registered to attend Open Gym or Tryouts, he or she is registered for all Open Gym/Tryout Sessions.

  • Water.
  • A basketball if he or she has one.  Please make sure the player’s name is on the basketball.

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