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After tryouts, the Club will generate acceptance offers.  Parents have 48 hours to accept the Club’s offer.  In accepting the offer, parents will register their child and sign up for the recurring club fees payment plan or pay in full at the beginning (see table below).

If the recurring payment plan is selected, payments will automatically be deducted in seven (7) monthly payments through these available options:

  • Credit/Debit Card (Preferred Method of Payment)

Payments will be deducted on the 15th of the month for travel soccer club fees that are due at that time.  Parents will receive an email reminder seven (7) days prior to the due (charge/withdrawal) date.

Initial Club fees are due within 24 hours of accepting the offer.

Fees are divided into “club fees” and “team fees.” Team fees will vary based on age group and team.


*Please note*: Players who join a team after the start of the fall season, will be provided a discounted rate with regards to club fees upon approval from the club.


Age Group Total In-County One Time Fee Acceptance Payment 1 Acceptance Payment 1 + County Fee July 15th: ARB Payment #1 Aug. 15th: ARB Payment #2 Sept. 15th: ARB Payment #3 Oct. 15th: ARB Payment #4 Nov. 15th: ARB Payment #5 Dec. 15th: ARB Payment #6 Jan. 15th: ARB Payment #7
U9-U10 RED/WHITE/BLUE $1,750.00 $16.00 $218.75 $234.75 $218.75 $218.75 $218.75 $218.75 $218.75 $218.75 $218.75
U11-U12 RED/WHITE $1,850.00 $16.00 $231.00 $247.00 $231.30 $231.30 $231.30 $231.30 $231.30 $231.30 $231.30
U11-U12 BLUE $1,750.00 $16.00 $231.00 $247.00 $217.00 $217.00 $217.00 $217.00 $217.00 $217.00 $217.00
U13+ CCL $1,950.00 $16.00 $235.50 $251.50 $244.93 $244.93 $244.93 $244.93 $244.93 $244.93 $244.93
U13+ WHITE $1,900.00 $16.00 $235.50 $251.50 $237.80 $237.80 $237.80 $237.80 $237.80 $237.80 $237.80
U13+ BLUE $1,800.00 $16.00 $235.50 $251.50 $223.50 $223.50 $223.50 $223.50 $223.50 $223.50 $223.50


As stakeholders of the Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club (LMVSC) Travel Program, Player Families will have occasion to request refunds of their annual Club Fee due to extenuating circumstances. The procedures and practices contained within this policy are designed to act as a guideline for the granting and approval of Club Fee refunds.

This policy is designed to accomplish the following key points:

  • Ensure the clear understanding of the Player and Player Family commitment in accepting an invitation to join an LMVSC Travel Soccer Team.
  • Communicate the limited scenarios where a Player Family may be entitled to be refunded a portion of their Player Fee.
  • Ensure the fair and equitable enforcement of a consistent guideline for the granting of refunds.
  • Provide the appropriate level of business controls to ensure that the Club’s finances are not jeopardized.



Acceptance of an invitation to join an LMVSC Travel Team is a commitment to the Travel Program for the 12-month soccer year. LMVSC commits to providing the staffing, fields, and overall player development for a 12-month period and expenses of the Club are incurred accordingly. As such, only in special situations, will the LMVSC Travel Soccer Program consider refunding a portion of the annual Player Fee.

Refund Eligibility

Any player meeting any one or more of the three criteria outlined below is eligible for a refund equal to a percentage of their annual Club Fee:

  1. Any player who incurs a serious injury lasting no less than three (3) consecutive months in duration during the September through June timeframe is eligible to receive a refund. Eligible Players missing three (3) consecutive months of play during the September through June timeframe will be entitled to a refund equal to 15% of their annual Club Fee. Eligible Players missing two separate periods of no less than three (3) consecutive months of play during the September through June timeframe will be entitled to a refund equal to 30% of their annual Club Fee.
    Under no circumstances will an injured Player be entitled to a refund greater than 30% of their annual Club Fee.
  2. Player Families who relocate outside of our league playing areas prior to October 1 will be entitled to a refund equal to 15% of their annual Club Fee. Any Player Family who resides in our league playing area as of October 1 of any given year will not be entitled to any refund due to relocation. Our league affiliations can be found – – Travel Soccer.
  3. In the event a Player accepts an invitation to join a Travel Team and subsequently pays the current (or greater) portion due of their annual Club Fee, and, due to an inability to form a full roster, the Team does not participate in Fall League Play, the Player Family is entitled to a 100% refund of any and all monies paid as contribution toward their annual Club Fee obligation.

Refund Request Submittal and Requirements

All Club Fee Refund Requests must be submitted in writing and signed by one of the Player’s Parents or Legal Guardians. A completed and signed Refund Request must be submitted to the LMVSC Treasurer, with a copy sent to the Travel Soccer Commissioner. (See – Contact Us for current contact information.) All Refund Requests under items 1 and 2 above must include supporting documentation.

When applying for an injury related refund, the player must also submit a doctor’s report, with information such as the condition of the player, the probable duration of the injury, and any recommended physical therapy. The player should state in the request whether she/he intends to remain on the roster after recovering from the injury and completing any rehabilitation period.

Refund Requests will only be considered if submitted with appropriate supporting documentation no later than two weeks following the Team’s last scheduled regular season League Play game. Refund requests submitted after two weeks following the last scheduled regular season League Play game will not be considered for approval.

Any refund requests submitted due to relocation outside of our league playing area; or release of one’s roster spot due to injury, must be accompanied by a valid VYSA Player Release Request, signed by the Player and Player’s Parent or Legal Guardian.


Each Player Family, the LMVSC Treasurer, the Travel Commissioner are responsible for complying with this Refund Policy.

The LMVSC Travel Commissioner and Executive Director is responsible for accurately reviewing Refund Requests for compliance with this Policy. All requests meeting the eligibility criteria established via this Policy shall be approved and paid by the LMVSC Treasurer, per this Policy.

Any Refund Requests falling outside of this Policy may be submitted to the Travel Commissioner and the Executive Director for a possible policy exception. Any and all policy exceptions will be brought before the Board of Directors with a recommendation by the Travel Commissioner and the Executive Director for approval/denial.


Player Families who do not comply with this policy may be subject to the delay or withholding of reimbursement and/or the denial of a Refund Request.

Attention LMVSC Families:

Our club offers an easy way to update your child’s account information. Our new database system allows you to log into your member account in order to make any missed payments.

Member Login Link Click Here > Select “Member Login” button > Once logged in, scroll to the bottom and select the “Pay Now” button in the Account Balances section.


If anyone has questions or requires further assistance, please email the club’s Administrator and Finance Manager: Jessie Gore,

Member Account

Do you need help paying the Travel Soccer fees?

Apply for Financial Aid

Please Note: If you were approved for and received Financial Aid for the 2018-2019 season, you are not required to reapply for Financial Aid for the 2019-2020 season. Please forward your child’s offer letter for the 2019-2020 season to Jessie Gore: in order to adjust your child’s FA fees.

Notes on the availability of Financial Aid

  • The Financial Aid for travel soccer will require a more extensive application and evaluation process.
  • The purpose of the financial aid program is to create a uniform, institutionalized Financial Aid Program; attract and retain quality players regardless of their financial situation; and, build on our commitment to all our players and families in a fair and equitable way.
  • Financial assistance will be:
    • based on the USDA Federal Poverty Guidelines;
    • decided by committee review of completed applications; and
    • award  of 70%, of all Club Fees.
  • The Financial Aid Program does not include TEAM FEES, which will be paid in full for each player.

NOTE: Financial Aid Funds are limited, therefore applications and supporting documentation should be submitted as quickly as possible and no later than two days after the last tryout date for your child in order to be eligible for financial aid. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received with returning LMVSC travel players having priority.

The following is a list of Accepted Documents for Proof of Eligibility:

  1. Current Proof of Eligibility for Free or Reduced Lunch Program (copy of current lunch letter) OR a Copy of Medicaid Card
  2. AND – Copy of 2017 Federal Tax 1040 forms (first page only) with ALL W-2s and 1099s filed by ALL members of the household. If self-employed a Schedule -C must be provided.

All Completed Forms Must Be Emailed to

LMVSC’s Financial Aid Committee for Review:

Age Group Total In-County One Time Fee Payment 1 June 15th Payment 1 + County Fee July 15th: ARB Payment #1 Aug. 15th: ARB Payment #2 Sept. 15th: ARB Payment #3 Oct. 15th: ARB Payment #4 Nov. 15th: ARB Payment #5 Dec. 15th: ARB Payment #6 Jan. 15th ARB Payment #7
U9-U10 RED/WHITE/BLUE $525.00 $16.00 $66.00 $82.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00
U11-U12 RED/WHITE $555.00 $16.00 $69.00 $85.00 $69.00 $69.00 $69.00 $69.00 $69.00 $69.00 $69.00
U11-U12 BLUE $525.00 $16.00 $66.00 $82.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00 $66.00
U13+ RED $585.00 $16.00 $73.00 $89.00 $73.00 $73.00 $73.00 $73.00 $73.00 $73.00 $73.00
U13+ WHITE $570.00 $16.00 $71.00 $87.00 $71.00 $71.00 $71.00 $71.00 $71.00 $71.00 $71.00
U13+ BLUE $540.00 $16.00 $68.00 $84.00 $68.00 $68.00 $68.00 $68.00 $68.00 $68.00 $68.00

LMVSC Travel Soccer Sibling Discount Policy

Notes on Sibling Discount

Families with two or more children registering to play travel soccer are eligible for a 10% sibling discount. When you accept an offer for your children after tryouts, please be sure to reach out to Jessie Gore, when the proximate child has received an offer for their team in order to take advantage for the 10% discount offer.

NOTE: Sibling Discount Funds are limited, and are awarded on a rolling basis, so please get your requests in early before the funds run out. If your children are approved for Financial Assistance, then per the club’s policy, they do not qualify for the sibling account. The two discounts cannot be applied simultaneously.

Please be sure to include all of your children’s First and Last Names, along with their Date of Birth.

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