Focus on Player Development

    LMVSC Travel Soccer

    Proudly serving the Alexandria, Gunston, Springfield, and South County communities of Fairfax County.

    Long-Term Player Development Philosophy:


    • Focus on fundamentals
    • Building confidence on the ball as a catalyst for creativity


    • Teaching understanding of the game 
    • Inciting independent decision-making skills


    • Enhancing players’ athletic abilities
    • Enabling and enhancing better athletes


    • Instilling work-ethic, resilience, and self-belief
    • Building a winning mindset

    Core Values

    Our Core Values inform everything we do and underscores our mission to utilize the game to build better citizens:


    • Perseverance
    • Dependability


    • Leadership abilities
    • Creating a sense of belonging and connection


    • Passion for the game 
    • Problem-solving skills

    Structured Program

    Year-round organized training
    Proven internationally-informed methodology and published curriculum
    College Guidance and Placement Program
    Supplemental technical and athletic performance training
    Academy system to ensure and accelerate the player development process
    Semi-annual Player Assessments
    100% Licensed Professional Coaching Staff
    Experienced Technical Staff providing oversight of each team and player
    Clear measurables and testing protocols to track player progress
    Clear player remediation programs
    Goalkeeper Training
    Futsal Training
    Video Review Analysis

    LMVSC Academy

    LMVSC Travel Soccer has an academy system format for all teams in the U9 to U14 age groups that began in the Fall 2020. This format will enhance our ability to raise the standards of both coaching and player development across the club.

    Our oldest age groups will continue to operate in a similar fashion as we have in the past.  Interaction and collaboration amongst all our High School-aged teams will continue to be encouraged but there will be limited to no player movement amongst teams within an age group, unless circumstances dictate.  The focus for these age groups is to polish individual players for the next level, therefore training sessions and team organization is designed to provide the best platform for maximum player exposure. 


    Every player within an age group will belong within the same Academy, as ONE team (Patriots) with several squads (Red, White, and Blue).  The Patriots Team will be treated as ONE player pool, with all training overseen by Academy Head Coach and executed with each group by the Team Head Coaches.  

    Fluidity of player movement across all squads is the hallmark of the academy developmental paradigm.  Therefore, players will have the opportunity to train and play matches with various squads within the academy, while selected players may also have the opportunity to train and play matches with the academies in higher age groups.  

    All players will be familiar and comfortable with all squads and coaches within the age group.  Correspondingly, all coaches within the age group will be familiar with all the players and add invaluable additional eyes, voices, and insights to help further each players’ development.

    Coaching Structure

    The Red Team Head Coach will assume the additional role of Academy Head Coach, and is responsible for the quality assurance and continued development of all players and coaches within the age group.  Academy Head Coach is responsible for ensuring the curriculum outlined by the Director of Technical Development is being instituted across the age group, as well as the policies set forth by the Director of Travel.  In addition, Academy Head Coach will lead age group communications, determine player placement and movement, and ensure all players are in the right squad at the right moment in the efforts of furthering their development; by challenging them in each session and match while building their confidence and competence in the sport.  

    Each Team Head Coach will lead their squads in the majority of training sessions and matches, while having the opportunity to work with the other squads within the age group.

    Travel Soccer Quick Facts

    500+ Players

    Efficient Technical Coaching Staff

    Track Record of College Placement

    38 Teams

    20 Licensed Coaches

    Former Pros and College Players

    Mental Fitness Program

    Match Video through Veo

    Athletic Performance Program

    Year Round GK training

    Structured Curriculum

    Academy Model

    League Play

    Below is an overview of what a typical year long schedule looks like for our Travel Soccer program:

    Fall Season

    3 practices a week with a game on weekend
    preseason approx. last week in July/1st week in August
    1st league game 1st weekend in September
    last league game 1st weekend in November

    Winter Season

    2 practices a week
    No practice for 2 weeks in December
    Futsal or indoor on the weekends starting usually in December or January
    season ends 1st week in March

    Spring Season

    3 practices a week with a game on weekend
    preseason starts early March
    first game usually 1st week in April
    last game usually end of May OR 1st week of June

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