LMVSC Member Leagues

Member Leagues providing various levels of competition

Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club  is excited to be competing in the  U.S. Youth Soccer National League during the 2022-2023 season. The U13-U19 Girls and Boys teams will play in the National League South Atlantic Conference.

The USYS National League and Eastern Development Program (EDP) are expanding their footprint by bringing established top-level clubs together throughout the DMV for the 2022-2023 Season. U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) awarded EDP the management of 13 conferences within the USYS National League competition nationwide. U.S. Youth Soccer South Atlantic Conference, managed by EDP, consists of teams primarily from Virginia and Maryland and will serve as USYS’s top competition platform in the South Atlantic area for girls and boys in the United States.  All teams competing in the USYS National League will be referred to as LMVSC National League teams.

The LMVSC U13-U19 National League Teams will compete against the top teams from premier clubs in the region, in a team vs team and or  Club vs Club  model. Team-based competition creates an evenly matched, highly competitive league format from season to season. Our conference features the highest tier, Premier I Division, and offers additional levels of play with promotion and relegation between tiers to give teams and players the opportunity to play competitive games each weekend.

The LMVSC U13-U19 National League Teams will have the opportunity to advance to the USYS Regional and National Championships at the conclusion of their seasons, as well as the National League Player Recruitment Opportunity (PRO). USYS and EDP will provide college showcases specifically designed for members of the USYS National League conferences.

The U9-U10 teams will compete in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL). The NCSL is set up to be both Club and Team based. Tiers of competition will be available to appropriately place teams. Fourteen – Sixteen games per year. Seven/Eight per Fall and Seven/Eight per Spring.

In addition to the USYS National League,  and NCSL,  U11-U19 will compete in the National Capital Soccer League –  NCSL offers a Promotion – Relegation format, team to team competition with multiple divisions of like competition.

LMVSC’s leadership and professional coaches are committed to our #1 priority, Player Development.

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