Volunteer Building Director

Each team is required to have one parent certified by the Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation Services (CRS) as a Volunteer Building Director (VBD).  The Volunteer Building Director ensures that County Rules are followed on weekends when there is only one custodian assigned to the building.  The procedure for getting certified can be completed on-line at found at:


The Volunteer Building director is responsible for ensuring that county rules and procedures for the use of the gym facilities are followed and that the building custodial personnel are notified of the ongoing activities and completion of activities.  The Volunteer Building Director is not permitted to work as a coach, timekeeper or scorekeeper in a game because they need to be alert for things that may occur in their area of the building during a game.



  1. The VBD must arrive at the gym fifteen (15) minutes prior to tip-off time for the first game.
  2. The area to be used during the day must be inspected for damage.  The area inspected should include the hallways to the gym and any restrooms that are located along the route to the gym.
  3. The VBD must, with the help of the custodian, extend bleachers, lower baskets, and set up the scorer and timer tables.  The VBD should take advantage of any parents who arrive at the gym to support these activities.

If you have any questions please call your player director.



  1. The VBD cannot serve as the timer or scorekeeper for any game when they are serving in the capacity of the VBD.
  2. The VBD must be alert for spectators and players trying to access parts of the building which are not open to the public.
  3. The VBD must identify a phone to use in the event of an emergency



  1. The VBD needs to ensure that the scoreboard, desks and chairs are returned to their original position.
  2. The VBD must complete the required report for usage of the facility for that day.  Of specific note are damage to facilities and injuries.

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