Kevin Lowry Earns the Fairfax County Champions of Character Award

Kevin Lowry, Parent, Lee Mt. Vernon Sports Club

Kevin Lowry exhibits all characteristics of the ideal player parent. From day one, Mr. Lowry has been the first to support a coach, not for the coaches’ accolades or records, but for the engagement, interaction, support and overall attitude towards a player. Mr. Lowry dedicates countless hours of personal time by assisting with transportation needs and game day management. Moreover, you will only hear praise coming from Mr. Lowry’s mouth as he not only supports his players, but every player on the field. He leads by example by demonstrating that selflessness is the key to happiness. Individuals like Kevin Lowry are the backbone to any clubs true success. We honor his contributions as we are extremely fortunate to have Kevin Lowry as a part of Lee Mt. Vernon Sports Club Family.

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