LMVSC Teams find success in FUTSAL this winter!


During the Winter Futsal Season, many LMVSC travel teams continued to develop their game through competition in local futsal leagues.  The following teams thrived during the winter season and have been recognized by the respective leagues, First Touch Futsal & Metro Futsal League:

2009 Boys Red – Finalist
2009 Girls Red – Champion
2008 Boys Red – Champion
2008 Girls Red – Champion
2007 Boys Red – Champion
2007 Girls Red – Champion
2007 Girls White – Champion
2006 Boys Red – Champion
2006 Boys White – Champion
2006 Boys NCSL White – Champion
2006 Girls Red – Champion
2005 Boys Red – Finalist
2005 Boys Blue – Champion
2004 Boys Red – Champion
2004 Girls Red – Finalist
2003 Boys Red – Champion
2003 Girls Red – Champion
Thank you to all teams that participated in futsal this winter and for making player development a priority to improve our Club!!  LMVSC was fortunate to have our teams represent our Club at such a high level!!

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