Mini-Dribblers is our program run by Riley Barrows for our 5 and 6-year-old players.  Coach Riley has been running this program for almost ten years.  In the program, Coach Riley introduces the players to the game of basketball and teaches them basic concepts about dribbling, passing and shooting, along with playing defense.  The program usually takes place on Saturday mornings at Hayfield Elementary School.  Many of our recreational and travel players are graduates of Mini-Dribblers.

Coach Riley has extensive experience playing basketball and working with children.  He has been a Fairfax County SACC teacher for over ten years and has been successful in engaging our youngsters and teaching them the game of basketball.

To sign up for our Mini-Dribblers program, please click here under the Recreational Basketball Program.  The deadline for registration is November 13th.  After that date, we will start closing classes and late fees will apply.

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