Congratulations to Carson Kourtesis of the LMVSC Patriots 2003 Boys Red, our LMVSC Travel Player of the Week.

Congratulations to Carson Kourtesis of the LMVSC Patriots 2003 Boys Red, our LMVSC Travel Player of the Week.

Carson, playing with Coach Bobby Garza, and the 2003 Boys Red in the Columbia Fall Classic put on a wonderful display of tenacity, work-ethic, and leadership to help his team bring home the championship trophy.

Playing center forward against a very tough opponent, Baltimore Celtic, in their first match, Carson Kourtesis scores his team’s opening goal of the weekend within the first ten minutes of play.  Greg Lutai gets on the end of a thru ball and into a dangerous position on the right flank.  Greg then serves in a well-placed, low-driven cross towards the far post.  Carson checks inside as if making the run towards the near post, and then spins around the backside of the defender to free himself of his mark.  With perfect movement and timing, Carson finds himself on the end of Greg’s cross and slots the ball calmly into the back of the net.  This opening goal sets the tempo and swagger for the team for the remainder of the game and tournament.

Midway thru the second half, Greg Lutai and Carson Kourtesis find themselves in the same situation, but on opposite ends.  Carson provides the assist, and Greg with the far post run and finish to bury the match and provide the nail-in-the-coffin goal to put their Patriots team at 2-nil, which proved to be the final score.

In the second match against an equally tough opponent, Baltimore Union, Carson shows the same cunning and tenacity as he did in the first contest throughout the match.  Starting again at center forward, Carson makes tireless, intelligent runs off the ball to pull defenders out of position, opening up channels and spaces for his teammates, and creating chances.  He took a beating against a strong defensive line, but never relented in his efforts to create dangerous opportunities for himself and teammates. In the end his efforts were rewarded with a 2-1 Patriots victory over Baltimore Union, with both goals being scored by Alejandro Flores, and both assists coming from Adam Green.  After going up 2-1, Carson was moved by Coach Bobby Garza to play center back in order to help shore up the defensive line and secure the victory.

In the third match against BRAUSA United, Carson scores the opening goal.  Receiving the ball off a pass from midfield with a defender on his back, and his back to goal, near the top of the 18-yard box.

Carson receives the ball and spins in one touch, strikes the ball hard to the far post, past the keeper, and into the back of the net, on the half-turn.  The game ends 3-nil with two more goals coming from Greg Lutai and Henry Lainez-Rodriguez. In the closing stages of the match, Carson was put to rest on the sidelines after the victory seemed assured.

In the final match against Baltimore Bays, Carson and his teammates appeared to be battle-worn.  They lost the match but won the round-robin formatted tournament with a healthy 9 (out of a possible 12) points.

According to Coach Bobby Garza, “Carson is the type of kid who leads by example thru his actions and deeds.  Even though has been playing full games all season with his high school team, Bishop O’Connell, Carson has attended every single training session.  Sometimes he even comes to training after his High School games are finished.  Despite sometimes picking up the occasional knock and nursing injuries, he shows his commitment to his team.”

Carson Kourtesis clearly demonstrates great character and a true warrior spirit in his actions both on and off the field.  Keep up the great work Carson and all of the LMVSC Patriots 2003 Boys Red!

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