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Parent Engagement

Soccer Parents have a very important role to play in youth soccer. You are extremely influential when it comes to the soccer enjoyment and development of your child and you are instrumental in developing a strong Sense of Community for the team and club.

Parent Engagement is our top priority at Soccer Parenting.

To be 100% clear, Parent Engagement is NOT a call to action for the Crazy Soccer Parents to change…. Parent Engagement is a call to action for all the level-headed parents to get more involved, in the right way.

If you are a soccer parent who is properly engaged, you will:

  • Acknowledge the important role you play in your child’s soccer experience.

  • Pledge to learn best practices for sports parenting and player development.

  • Strive to have collaborative relationships with coaches and club leaders.

  • Work to establish a Sense of Community on the team and club.

  • Reference the Soccer Parent Value Statements in your decisions.

  • Do your part to Make Youth Soccer Better.

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