LMVSC to Partner with Award-Winning NoVa Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Magnificent Minds Neurology Center

LMVSC to Partner with Award-Winning NoVa Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Magnificent Minds Neurology Center

Experts in Pediatric Neurology Head Injuries, Concussions, and Migraines Announce Partnership with LMVSC to Prioritize Player Injuries and Recovery


September 5, 2023:  Today Lee Mount Vernon Sports Club (LMVSC) announced its newly formed partnership with the local award-winning Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Magnificent Minds Neurology Center in advance of the upcoming 2023-2024 season.


The launch of this partnership highlights LMVSC’s initiative to aid its players in achieving maximum neurological health, which aligns with Magnificent Minds Neurology Center’s mission statement: to affect and promote optimal pediatric neurological wellness throughout the DC Metro Area. The goal of this partnership is to facilitate player access to immediate neurological specialty services to mitigate potential lasting and/or permanent effects of sustained sport-related head injuries. Parents and players deserve to enjoy the wonderful benefits of sports participation without the fear of potential lasting injuries, or the stress involved when attempting to avoid access barriers that prevent players from receiving speedy care in the event of an injury.


Founder and owner of Magnificent Minds Neurology Center, Dr. Sonal G. Patel, understands the need for immediate access to effective care services in the event of a sports-related head injury. “As a former and current competitive athlete and an expert in neurology, I truly want to emphasize the importance of immediate neurologic evaluation to maximize the potential of neurologic recovery.”



Lula Bauer, LMVSC Executive Director states, “LMVSC is thrilled to partner with NoVa Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Magnificent Minds Neurology Center in providing our players a direct line to neurological health following a head injury during practice and or competition.  In our commitment to service our diverse community, it was extremely important to align with a Pediatric Neurology organization that welcomes those patients and families with Medicaid.”


About Magnificent Minds Neurology Center


Magnificent Minds Neurology Center was formed in 2018 by Dr. Sonal G. Patel and has since been awarded the prestigious Washingtonian Magazine Top Doctor Award three years in a row since 2020, as well as the Bethesda Beat Magazine Top Doctor Award two consecutive years, since 2021. Dr. Sonal G. Patel founded the practice based on her own philosophy, which combines expert neurological care with whole-being wellness and mindfulness for infants to adolescent adults to achieve maximal neurological health. Due to a high demand in 2022, Magnificent Minds Neurology Center opened a new office location in Northern Virginia and welcomed the newest addition to our physician team, Dr. Christine T. Tran. Unlike most Pediatric Neurologists, Dr. Patel and Dr. Tran are both double boarded in Pediatric Neurology, as well as Pediatric Epileptology, and therefore are highly qualified and specialized in the treatment of seizures, syncope/fainting spells, concussions, head injuries, exertion headaches, migraines, etc. Magnificent Minds Neurology Center offers same-day emergency appointments, as well as in-office diagnostic testing with the aim of treating injuries immediately to alleviate symptoms early, as well as prevent permanent possible damage, and improve recovery time to facilitate a faster return to play. Our office aims to be accessible to all patient populations, so we gladly participate in all commercial/private insurance as well as Virginia and Maryland Medicaid products. Please provide any parents and/or players in need of services with the contact information listed below for an immediate appointment. Please instruct players and/or parents to advise the scheduler you were referred through LMVSC so we can prioritize your appointment accordingly.


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