Lula Bauer To Be Inducted into VA-DC Soccer Hall of Fame

LMVSC Executive Director to be Inducted into VA-DC Soccer Hall of Fame


Dear LMVSC Family,


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our LMVSC community. Our very own Lula Bauer, a pillar of strength and inspiration, is set to be inducted into the Virginia-DC Soccer Hall of Fame, Meritorious Service Category, at the upcoming 2024 VYSA Awards Gala. This prestigious honor is a testament to Lula’s unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to the game of soccer.


Lula’s remarkable journey with LMVSC spans over 30 years, where she initially started as a recreational soccer coach and equipment manager. Under her visionary leadership, the club has flourished, expanding to include Travel Soccer, Travel Basketball, Recreational Basketball, Flag Football, and Lacrosse. Lula’s impact extends far beyond the playing fields.


Throughout her tenure, Lula has coached countless players, with some returning to coach their own children—a true testament to the positive influence she has had on their lives. Not only has she fostered a love for sports, Lula has also worked tirelessly to ensure that no player is left out due to financial constraints. Her efforts during challenging times, such as organizing food drives during the COVID pandemic, exemplify her commitment to the well-being of our community.


Lula’s advocacy for women and girls in sports is unparalleled. She has coached soccer for three decades and earned many other accolades such as High School Girls Coach of the Year, Virginia State Girls Coach of the Year, and Regional Girls Coach of the Year. Even while raising three wonderful boys, Lula’s dedication to empowering female athletes and providing development opportunities remained steadfast.


In 2004, Lula played a pivotal role in introducing small-sided soccer for girls, marking a significant milestone in the greater Washington Area. In 2006, she championed the inclusion of U9 and U10 girls in a non-result-oriented division, further breaking barriers.


Lula’s commitment to leveling the playing field extended to her coaching education journey. Faced with being the only or one of the few females in her coaching courses, Lula took the initiative to change this narrative. In 2018, she paved the way for all-female coaching education and referee certification courses, and in 2019, she orchestrated an all-female international coaching education trip with female coaching education instructors.


Please join me in congratulating Lula Bauer on this well-deserved honor. Her legacy at LMVSC and in the broader sports community is one of inspiration, empowerment, and inclusivity. We are immensely proud to have Lula as a guiding force in our club.


We look forward to celebrating Lula’s induction at the VYSA 2024 Awards Gala and continuing to be inspired by her leadership.



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